“The six career coaching sessions have gone so well! They have helped me to get the best out of myself, to know myself better as a person and also to learn to see “the good side of things.” I think that knowing your own strengths and values is essential for survival and to stand out from the crowd. This is “our personal baggage” and always accompanies us wherever we go. Also, going deeper into this turns out to be key in helping you take other important decisions in life, such as what degree to study.”

Claudia C. 18. Student.

“For me the coaching sessions with Ester Vilajoana have had a major impact on all areas of my life. From my family life, by helping me achieve a better and more satisfactory relationship with my parents, to my personal life, by helping me to have good clear objectives and to establish action plans to achieve them. 

Through the process of coaching I’ve gone through, now I feel better about myself and my relationship with others. I want to go on along the path I started walking with coaching, so that I can achieve even more fulfillment and balance in my life.”

Mabel S. 19. Student.

“I was a High School student, I was in my last year and I was not sure what I really wanted to study in the future and what job would fulfill me most.

I decided to enroll on a coaching process with Ester Vilajoana and I absolutely recommend it.

This process has helped me a lot to know myself and discover aspects of myself that I did not really know about. Before the process I believed that they could not tell me many more things than I knew already, but after the coaching I realized I really knew only one third of my whole self, and most importantly, all this fulfills you in a way that makes you feel happy and positive at difficult times.

Finally, and most importantly, it has helped me to choose a university degree which really goes with my way of being, thinking, living, feeling and acting.” 

Alvaro Z. 17. Student.

“The reason that prompted me to do some coaching sessions with Ester Vilajoana was, initially, to enlighten me about my future, since I had some doubts and I wanted to feel I had taken the right decision about choosing my degree. What I liked most about the sessions was to discover that I have many resources I was not aware of, and they can help me achieve my goals.

Furthermore, the process has also given me a great deal of confidence in myself. I raised some personal problems I had in my family, and Ester has helped me to analyze the situation, looking at it from different perspectives, and so help me to deal with my everyday problems in a better way.

The sessions have been very profitable  and I’m sure they will also help me with possible obstacles that I may have to face in the future.”

Luana V. 17. Student.

“Coaching with Ester has positively helped me in achieving some of my personal goals, such as forging a closer relationship with my brother, choosing the best degree for myself based on my values and ultimately gaining control over myself with the STARR technique.”

Marcos B. 17. Student.

“I started my coaching sessions with Ester Vilajoana with some challenges to overcome and some goals to achieve. Coaching has opened many doors for me. I’ve achieved some of my goals especially in relationships with all my friends; now I have much more confidence to express my feelings.  Setting goals each week to communicate better with my friends, and developing the courage to really be myself, coaching has had a huge effect on me. I’m not afraid of what others might think, as before, and since my first coaching session I’ve noticed a lot of progress. It’s an awesome feeling!”

Rachelle S. 19. Student.

“Through a conversation with a nice person, Ester, I could lessen the importance of my problem. I used to think that being listened to meant explaining what we think to someone else; but I was wrong, it’s much more than that. Listening means empathizing with the person you are listening to, leaving aside other interests, your ego and prejudices; and it is evident that today it is quite difficult to find someone who is not so self-centred.  Ester Vilajoana is one of the few listeners who will help you, among other things, to realize and internalize that and, in most cases, to see that the solution lies in yourself”.

Mario LL. 20. Student.

Some of our teenage customers’ mothers have also sent us their testimonials:

“I am a mother of a 19 year old teenager who followed a coaching process with Ester Vilajoana when he was 16. I think the impact of the process was very positive and essential for the maturing process he has gone through in the last three years. He is growing up in a very clear way. Her character has changed and his relationship with the family in general, too.  The change in our relationship has been great, although it was never bad. And I always think that the coaching process has been the key to all this.

I am and will always be grateful to Ester and whenever I can I recommend her. We still count on her whenever we need her.”

Eva E. 49. Real estate consultant.

“Just one year ago, our oldest son decided to go see a coach that he had been recommended in Barcelona, Ester Vilajoana, to help him understand himself better and direct his steps after finishing his high school (4th ESO). He had never considered the possibility of doing a Baccalaureate because he had never been good at school (he even repeated 2nd ESO).

After a few sessions, he had it very clear, he wanted to study a degree, Business Administration in particular, to achieve his goal: to start his own and successful business and to be his own boss. And it was clear to him that his strengths as a person, which he had explored with Ester, would help him achieve his dream if he did his best. 

At home we supported him in his decision but honestly we were very skeptical. To our great surprise and great satisfaction, in his first year at college he is getting very good marks except in Catalan and Spanish, which he has just passed. He is highly motivated, he is  very organized in his studies and  he goes out with his friends more than ever (because he is not always punished as before), teachers congratulate him … it has been an unbelievable change!

Ester Vilajoana is a great professional and you can see that she enjoys helping people find their way … and she knows how to do it.  She also clicks very well with teenagers because of her naturalness and openness. I strongly recommend her to all those parents who want to see their children motivated with clear goals and happy with their choices in life.”

Isabel B. 44. Businesswoman. 

“I have had the opportunity to meet many coaching professionals but none with Ester Vilajoana’s communication skills, with her empathy and friendliness. Her enormously generous personality, combined with her brilliant career, make magic arise in each of her coaching sessions. From the very first meeting she is able to open even the most blocked minds and restore confidence to the insecure ones. As a mother of a teenager she treated, I have only words of gratitude and admiration. Ester is an exceptional mother, professional and human being.”

Inés D. 48. Marketing, communication and real estate.

For confidentiality reasons, our private clients have preferred to give their testimonial without specifying surnames.

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