“There is a before and after in a coaching process with Ester Vilajoana. Energetic, creative and committed.  She transforms problems into challenges and the journey into an exciting adventure. She is able to discover and build from the most authentic “I”, to ensure a positive impact that lasts over time. Strongly recommended for any professional who wants to achieve a higher level of self-knowledge from which to evolve into the best version of themselves.”

Mireia Casadellà. 42. Marketing Manager at PEPSICO.

“Without a doubt, choosing Ester Vilajoana as my Executive Coach has been the best investment I have ever made. She has helped me to completely change my usual way of working and so increase my productivity and my personal satisfaction at the same time, by means of easily applicable tools that assist you to get excellent results. She has helped me to become aware that my case was not that of “too much workload” but that of not working in the most efficient manner. And she has accompanied me in the change process with the motivation and the positive energy that she radiates and that rubs off in each of her sessions.  I would recommend Ester to anyone who wants to be more productive and wants to get more out of life in general.”

Miquel Abelló. 41. Category Innovation Manager of Novartis OTC Europe.

“Her energy and vitality are indisputable. And her dedication and passion make a difference. Ester Vilajoana knows  how to challenge you, how to motivate you to know yourself better and to grow as a professional and as a person.

She offers practical, easy tools that you can implement in your daily life, with immediately verifiable results. Conflict negotiation, change of perspective, how to be assertive, the results of recognition, your circle of influence, how to address a positive change…

After each session, you come out with good vibes, full of energy and with a desire to implement what you have worked on. 100% recommended!”

Lourdes Sopranis. 45. PUIG Beauty Fragrances & Cosmetics Marketing Director.

“Ester Vilajoana is a very energetic, qualified person,  with excellent coaching skills. In the process of self-knowledge and self-improvement, I found being able to identify the key issues and their relevance to different aspects of my life very useful. With Ester, you have the certainty that you are dealing with a true professional who loves what she does.”

Pere Sitjà. 43. Member of the Management Board of GAES.

“My experience in my coaching sessions with Ester Vilajoana was enriching and stimulating. I realized that day-to-day life does not allow us to stop to reflect on our goals and, even less, on the way to achieve them. I learned to set myself a roadmap for my professional life and for the development of my business that I have used and with which I feel more motivated. The coaching was the discovery of a new world and each session made me long for the next one. I was excited and it exceeded all my expectations. Although the main aim was mainly my professional life, my personal life was also addressed. Today, I have some tools to control my life and my environment, which I did not have before.  100% RECOMMENDABLE.”

Victoria Masferrer. 56. Estate agent manager and MASFERRER ESTATE AGENTS owner.

“The coaching process in BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS has been useful at different levels, but more specifically to become aware of what tools I have to advance in my profession and especially to realize that you can be consistent with yourself whatever your work duties are, even when you are not following stereotypes.

There are moments in the process when you are confused and you feel like running away, but once you get over this feeling, you clearly see what you want to do and how you want to do it.

I would recommend it to any professional, with either a management or junior position because everyone should find the motivation at work that makes them feel satisfied and ready to carry it out.

I liked the fact that it is a fairly quick process and it gets “to the point”, but one should also be involved in making it work.

To finish and to give my personal opinion of the figure of the coach, I have to say that Ester Vilajoana is a great professional that transmits positivity and infects you with her enthusiasm. She knows how to accompany you in the process without forcing decisions in either direction. And she helps you to look at things from angles that you might never consider.”

Marta Galí. 44. PROQUIMAC PFC General Manager.

“Ester Vilajoana gave me the methodology to solve a complex management problem. She identified the problem quickly and perfectly, she skillfully synthesized and helped me dive into the problem so that I could visualize a simple solution. A solution I’m already applying with very good results.”

José Mª Capella. 40. Entrepreneur and Touristic Marketing and Social Network Project Analyst.

“Positive and result-oriented. Ester Vilajoana is a great coach. Ideal for success!”

Albert Moliner. 50. Theologian and translator.

Ester Vilajoana - Tel. + 34 617 369 102 - ester@bcn-coaching-solutions.com