“When the compass does not work and we lose direction, everything seems to be weak and stops making sense… so finding a mechanic who can help you to repair it is vital to be able to keep going…

At a time of change in your life, finding a professional with a very clear and defined methodology, who is able to help you to see reality quickly and effectively from new and amazing viewpoints, is an enriching exercise and has enormous personal and professional consequences.

Knowing what you look for and what you want, based on who you are, and your values, becomes a difficult exercise that you can’t do on your own, and having Ester Vilajoana’s support as a career coach was very productive. I know what I am, I know what I want, I know what I look for … what else do I need?”

José Luis Llacuna. 47. Founder and CEO of Green Arrow Consulting.

“I requested Ester Vilajoana’s services at a time of great uncertainty in my professional life. The coaching career process we followed showed me what my strengths and values were and it certainly took my career in a direction of greater coherence and personal value. Impressive work and an exciting journey into my own self”.

Quique Bueno. 46. Comblue Managing Partner.

“Ester Vilajoana accompanied me in a key moment of my career: my reinvention! With her, I made a trip to my origins, I discovered my strengths, my innate abilities, I learned to listen more often … and the final result was a turning point in my career. I decided to leave my comfort zone and fight for what I really wanted to do: start my own business. And that’s how I began my wanderings in DiLunch, a new concept that will revolutionize the way workers eat”.

Alejandra Sopranis. 42. DiLunch COO and co-founder.

“I’ve gone through a process of career coaching with Ester Vilajoana and my evaluation is that it has been outstanding. It has helped me to know myself and to use this knowledge in my professional field.

Ester is easy to deal with, committed and with exceptional vision; we have done a good job together and in the end you realize that achieving happiness is not possible without staying true to your own values as a person. Thank you Ester.”

Anton Joan Pous. 48. Dentell CEO.

“In a key moment in my career, in which I had to decide between staying in the company where I worked as General Manager or accept a job offer as a CMO, which implied a personal investment in the project, the coaching sessions Ester offered me, to help me give a response within 48 hours, were decisive. Despite being my wife I trusted her as a professional.  To my surprise and admiration, our relationship did not influence in her completely staying out of my deliberation process.  She really offered me the coaching support I needed to make the best decision (very powerful questions and exploration of my values). Five years later, time has proved right in my excellent choice.”

Jaume Mussons. 51. CMO of Orangina Schweppes Group.

“The coaching process with Ester Vilajoana has been a fluid and natural one and I’ve felt very comfortable and confident. It has helped me to be aware of what my strengths are, and also to see what the important things are for me. It has allowed me to understand how to redirect my career to take advantage of all these things.”

Noemí Folch. 36. Chemist.

“Ester Vilajoana has excellent listening skills and surprising intuition. She quickly understood my priorities and gave me the tools to achieve my goals.”

Vanessa Satri. 30. Engineer.

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