To identify the ideal career for you, and /or the professional work that best suits you. We use the methodology of the career coaching program best valued at a global level, in which Ester Vilajoana is licensed.

Career coaching has no age limits. It can help at any of the following stages:

For people with years of practice who need to turn their working lives around (whether pushed by circumstances or their personal interests), it helps them to successfully reinvent themselves professionally.

For students in their final year, it helps them to make a good start in the professional world, more focused on what best suits them.

For teenagers, it helps them decide which way to go or what degree to choose when they finish high school (4th ESO).

For early-retired or retired people, it helps them find a motivating and meaningful occupation at this stage of greater freedom in their lives.

At BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS we accompany our clients to make the leap forward in the best direction. Now may be the time for you.


“I was a High School student, I was in my last year and I was not sure what I really wanted to study in the future and what job would fulfill me most.

I decided to enroll on a coaching process with Ester Vilajoana and I absolutely recommend it.

This process has helped me a lot to know myself and discover aspects of myself that I did not really know about. Before the process I believed that they could not tell me many more things than I knew already, but after the coaching I realized I really knew only one third of my whole self, and most importantly, all this fulfills you in a way that makes you feel happy and positive at difficult times.

Finally, and most importantly, it has helped me to choose a university degree which really goes with my way of being, thinking, living, feeling and acting.”

Alvaro Z. 17. Student.

Ester Vilajoana - Tel. + 34 617 369 102 - ester@bcn-coaching-solutions.com