To gain in balance and satisfaction in the areas of your life you choose to work with: your family, your relationship with your partner, work, studies, friends, leisure, etc…

The top 5 benefits of Life Coaching are:

  • Discover new opportunities and acquire the necessary tools to find new ways to cope with existing problems. To begin with, we explore what you carry in your valuable “personal baggage”: “What are my strengths?” “What are my values?”. In the same way we would never leave on a long trip without knowing what’s in our bag … is it appropriate to start a lifelong journey not knowing what we count on?
  • Clarify your goals, focus on where you want to go. Create a vision of your “better life” in different areas of your life.
  • Develop the best plan of action aimed at achieving your goals.
  • Overcome any possible obstacles that may arise on the way to the goal. The first one being, perhaps, the fear of change.
  • Acquire the motivation to leave your comfort zone and to enter with enthusiasm and determination the world of new opportunities.

At BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS we accompany our clients to make the leap forward in the best direction. Now may be the time for you … to start the process of improving your life.


“Ester Vilajoana is a very good coach with a contagious level of energy and positivity. She is a professional, committed to her customers and willing to accompany them all the way in the process of fulfilling their dreams. With her, you get the impression that anything is possible … And this is largely true! “Luck” is imponderable, but it much depends on aiming at the goal properly, on your own attitude, on the view from which you look at the obstacles along the way, on being clear about what you can count on en route towards your objectives (your strengths, additional tools, …) and all of these aspects are dealt with in the coaching process with Ester. Absolutely recommended.”

Marina V. 52. Psychologist and manual therapist.

Ester Vilajoana - Tel. + 34 617 369 102 - ester@bcn-coaching-solutions.com