In general terms, at BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS, at the end of any intervention with a team we ask participants to evaluate our work both quantitatively (exhaustively, for each of the objectives in the workshops) and qualitatively in an anonymous way to enhance the authenticity of their responses, in order to collect valuable reviews that help us to keep improving and progressing.

In quantitative terms:

  • The overall mean rating of the workshops with teams of Management Board members of educational institutions has been between 8,2 to 10 out of 10.
  • The average assessment for the facilitators of the BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS workshops  (because they “explain the topics clearly” and “enliven the sessions well”) has been equal to or higher than 9 out of 10. 

At a qualitative level, here are some of the comments of the participants at our workshops (they come from people who explicitly allow us to publish their comments in the evaluation questionnaires):

“I would highlight from the work done: The good general predisposition. The “introspection” that has been required.  The sincerity. Do something “differently” and very profitable. My overall rating of the workshop is 9 out of 10 (it would have improved if I had had more time, although I know it is very difficult)”.

Cultural Institution CIC Management Board member.

“The process helps a lot to find out who you are, what values drive you and to see where you want to go. I value the freedom we were given and the fact that nobody was put under pressure or forced to do what they did not want or were not prepared to do. Excellent!”

High School Board Member at Jesuïtes Sarrià – St. Ignasi School.

“The work helps get the best out of each person. You become reconciled with yourself.”

High School Board Member at Jesuïtes Sarrià – St. Ignasi School.

“It has been very good, the sessions are dynamic, they make you think and you can apply them to any area of your personal life. It helps improve your work and your life.”

High School Board Member at Jesuïtes Sarrià – St. Ignasi School.

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