To help teenagers (from 15 years old) to find their own answers to the questions common to their age and to support them to live balanced, satisfying lives and provide a positive impact on their environment at this time of significant changes. Providing them with powerful tools to help them become more capable and prepared young people and adults to successfully be in charge of their own lives.

Adolescence is a period in which many questions naturally arise:

“What to study?”

“How to choose what is best for me, in the different areas of my life (friends, family, studies,…)?”

“How to improve my relationship with my family?”

“How to set limits without feeling bad or creating an unpleasant situation for myself?”

“How to resolve conflicts with other people?”

“How to balance the different areas of my life (friends, studies, couple, family,…) without getting stressed?”

“How to successfully take control of my life now that I’m no longer a child?”

A coaching process helps teenagers clarify these and many other questions. And to help them take firmer steps in their future.

At BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS we accompany teenagers from 15 years old onwards to find their own answers. Through coaching, a totally practical and action-oriented discipline, we help them set challenging goals and establish the best plan to achieve them.

With BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS teenagers are prepared to take a leap forward in the best direction. Now may be the time for you.


The six career coaching sessions have gone so well! They have helped me to get the best out of myself, to know myself better as a person and also to learn to see “the good side of things.” I think that knowing your own strengths and values ​​is essential for survival and to stand out from the crowd. This is “our personal baggage” and always accompanies us wherever we go. Also, going deeper into this turns out to be key in helping you take other important decisions in life, such as what degree to study.”

Claudia C. 18. Student.

Ester Vilajoana - Tel. + 34 617 369 102 - ester@bcn-coaching-solutions.com