“A year ago we decided to work with Team Coaching processes with BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS for four area teams that I lead and I can say that the results have been excellent. Both in terms of qualitative assessment of the team members, and quantitatively (according to the measurement of the process made by the Team Diagnostic Assessment, who have evaluated us in terms of productivity and positivity before and after intervention), the time and financial resources invested have really paid off. Also, I was part of one of these teams and I recommend doing this Team Coaching process and training with Ester Vilajoana to advance towards excellence as a team hand in hand with a great professional.

With good knowledge of business because of her previous career in the business world, Ester combines her talent as a coach and trainer with an easy understanding of and empathy with our situation in the organization.

Ester is a very creative, energetic and resourceful person. A person who transmits and passes on, in each of her workshops, her insatiable motivation to learn and grow professionally; she is a born leader who promotes the growth process of the teams she works with”.

Olga Puig- La Calle.  PUIG. Beauty Fragrances & Cosmetics Vice-President

At the end of any intervention with a team, whether we used the Team Diagnostic Assessment or not, at BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS we ask participants to evaluate our work, both quantitative (exhaustively, for each of the objectives in the workshops) and qualitatively.  We do that in an anonymous way, to enhance the authenticity of their responses and to collect valuable reviews that help us to keep on improving and progressing.

In quantitative terms:

  • The mean overall rating of workshops with business teams has always been between 8.7 to 10 out of 10.
  • The average rating of the facilitators of the BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS workshops  (to “express the issues clearly” and to “enliven the sessions well”) has always been equal to or higher than 9.4 out of 10.

At a qualitative level, here are some of the participants’ comments at our workshops (these are from the people who explicitly allow us to publish their comments in the evaluation questionnaires):

“We found the material we worked with through the process of team coaching with BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS very interesting, it makes you reflect on your day-to-day life. It gives you time to think about the things you do not normally do so that you can improve. It offers very enriching points of view and information, both professionally and personally. It’s highly recommended! I would recommend it to everyone!”

Team member of the Beauty Designers of Beauty Fragrances & Cosmetics team at PUIG.

“What we highlight from the team coaching process undertaken with BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS are good ideas to improve our work every day and greater confidence between the team members. On a personal level, very applicable and interesting reflections.”

Team member of the Celebrities & Promotions of Beauty Fragrances & Cosmetics team at PUIG.

“What I would highlight from the Team Coaching workshops with Ester Vilajoana is that they bind the group together and enable closer ties with your teammates. You do become aware of where you are, where you want to go to and how you want to do it. During these months I have evolved and I consider myself a better professional and a better person.”

Team member of the Lifestyle of Beauty Fragrances & Cosmetics team at PUIG.

Ester Vilajoana - Tel. + 34 617 369 102 - ester@bcn-coaching-solutions.com