“There is a before and after in a coaching process with Ester Vilajoana. Energetic, creative and committed.  She transforms problems into challenges and the journey into an exciting adventure. She is able to discover and build from the most authentic “I”, to ensure a positive impact that lasts over time.

Strongly recommended for any professional who wants to achieve a higher level of self-knowledge from which to evolve into the best version of themselves.”

Mireia Casadellà. 42. Marketing Manager at PEPSICO.

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“A year ago we decided to work with Team Coaching processes with COACHING SOLUTIONS BCN for four area teams that I lead and I can say that the results have been excellent. Both in terms of qualitative assessment of the team members, and quantitatively (according to the measurement of the process made by the Diagnostic Assessment Team, who have evaluated us in terms of productivity and positivity before and after intervention), the time and financial resources invested have really paid off… (Read more)

Olga Puig-La Calle. PUIG, Beauty Fragrances & Cosmetics Vice-President

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“When the compass does not work and we lose direction, everything seems to be weak and stops making sense… finding a mechanic who can help you to repair it is vital to be able to keep going…

At a time of change in your life, finding a professional, with a very clear and defined methodology, who is able to help you to see reality quickly and effectively from new and amazing viewpoints, is an enriching exercise and has enormous personal and professional consequences… (Read more)

José Luis Llacuna. 47. Founder and CEO of Green Arrow Consulting.

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