“I was a High School student, I was in my last year and I was not sure what I really wanted to study in the future and what job would fulfill me most.

I decided to enroll on a coaching process with Ester Vilajoana and I absolutely recommend it.

This process has helped me a lot to know myself and discover aspects of myself that I did not really know about. Before the process I believed that they could not tell me many more things than I knew already, but after the coaching I realized I really knew only one third of my whole self, and most importantly, all this fulfills you in a way that makes you feel happy and positive at difficult times.

Finally, and most importantly, it has helped me to choose a university degree which really goes with my way of being, thinking, living, feeling and acting.” 

Alvaro Z. 17. Student.

“I decided to start career coaching with Ester Vilajoana  after having  been unemployed for some time and without having a clear idea of what I was getting into but  thinking it would help me find a job.

The truth is that I was pleasantly surprised because it helps you rediscover many things about yourself  both professionally and personally. It gives you new ideas to set yourself objectives and to fight for them.

Overall, I can say that it has been a very enriching experience”.

Ferran S. 36. Audiovisual Technician.

“The six career coaching sessions have gone so well! They have helped me to get the best out of myself, to know myself better as a person and also to learn to see “the good side of things.” I think that knowing your own strengths and values is essential for survival and to stand out from the crowd. This is “our personal baggage” and always accompanies us wherever we go. Also, going deeper into this turns out to be key in helping you take other important decisions in life, such as what degree to study.”

Claudia C. 18. Student.

“Ester Vilajoana accompanied me in a key moment of my career: my reinvention! With her I made a trip to my origins, I discovered my strengths, my innate abilities, I learned to listen more often… and the end result was a turning point in my career. I decided to leave my comfort zone and fight for what I really wanted to do: start my own business. And that’s how I began my wanderings in DiLunch, a new concept that will revolutionize the way workers eat”.

Alejandra S. 42. Entrepreneur.

“In 2009 I was studying a degree in Business Administration, it was my first year and I was terribly disappointed. I had made a choice without being sure about it and I had made a mistake. This realization made me feel confused, because I did not know which way to go. My cousin recommended Ester Vilajoana, a coach. I did not know what that profession was, but I trusted my cousin and I went to see her. In just an intensive week (because I didn’t have any more time), we not only discussed the possibilities I had to choose from, but I learnt about myself, something really important to take into account when taking decisions in life. I discovered that in order to make a choice, first I had to discover who I was and what I wanted, and I knew that this could not be learned in just one week, but in that week I acquired a number of tools to be able to do so throughout the rest of my life. So I am very grateful for having gone to visit Ester and now I’m enrolled in the third year of Social Work and I’m happy about it.

Because of this personal experience, I recommend everyone do coaching; even if you do not have to take a critical choice, knowing yourself is a treasure that you can keep for the rest of your life. ” 

Borja B. 21. Student.

“When our compass does not work and we lose track, everything weakens and loses its meaning… so finding a good mechanic who can help you to fix this situation is vital to keep going…

At a time of change in your life, finding a professional with a very clear and defined methodology, who is able to help you to see reality quickly and effectively from new and amazing viewpoints, is an enriching exercise and has enormous  personal and professional consequences.

Knowing what you look for and what you want, based on who you are, and your values, becomes a difficult exercise that you can’t do on your own, and having Ester Vilajoana’s support as a career coach was very productive. I know what I am, I know what I want, I know what I look for… what else do I need?”

José Luis Ll. 47. Entrepreneur. 

For confidentiality reasons, our private clients have preferred to give their testimonial without specifying surnames.

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