“Ester Vilajoana is a very good coach with a contagious level of energy and positivity. She is a professional, committed to her customers and willing to accompany them all the way in the process of fulfilling their dreams. With her, you get the impression that anything is possible … And this is largely true! “Luck” is imponderable, but it much depends on aiming at the goal properly, on your own attitude, on the view from which you look at the obstacles along the way, on being clear about what you can count on en route towards your objectives (your strengths, additional tools, …) and all of these aspects are dealt with in the coaching process with Ester. Absolutely recommended.”

Marina V. 52. Psychologist and manual therapist.

“Coaching with Ester Vilajoana undoubtedly marked a before and after in my life. I think everyone should go through this experience at least once. It allows you to know yourself better, know your capabilities, your skills and minimize whatever you usually overestimate. This experience gives you the useful tools that allow you to be a little better each day. After four years, I’m still using these tools to be, if anything, a little happier every day … Thanks Ester!”

Susana LL. 43. Psychologist.

“The process of life coaching I did with Ester Vilajoana was creative, stimulating and challenging. And so much fun!
I brought clarity and focus to define life goals, and also motivation and an important push to achieve those goals.
Ester’s enthusiasm and passion for her work guarantee success!”

Albert C. 39. Economist.

“With Ester Vilajoana beside me, supporting me and working with me as a coach, I have learned to know who I am, to find opportunities where I thought there were none, to look at life not only from just one point of view.

She transmits so much positivism, she has so much energy and she believes so much in what she does that it becomes contagious and she always helps you to move forward and aim for the top.

She knows how to bring out the best in you to project it on your everyday life, at work, in relationships with partners,…

I want to take this opportunity to thank her for being such a good professional and for all the good work she has done with me. Thank you, Ester.”

Susana P. 40. Personal trainer.

“The coaching process I have followed with Ester Vilajoana has allowed me to reflect on my skills and potential, and to work on my self esteem; it has also helped me to achieve my personal and professional goals. I have realized I can now ask myself why I thought many things were set in stone, when in fact they were only so in my head.”

Xavier B. 46. Day Trader.

“There is a “before and after” the coaching process with Ester Vilajoana.

When you emphasize your strengths and you really internalize them, your pillars are reinforced as well. It’s good…, your self-confidence grows dramatically and you feel strong and safe in any situation.

Also, I discovered the existence of perspective. Things depend on how you look at them and you have to learn to look at them “positively”, there is always an interesting side.

Another thing that has amazed me are the assertiveness tools. I’ve learned to say NO, without remorse. I feel freer.

In summary, I have learned to value myself and think more about myself. My self-esteem has shot up. Life smiles at me!”

Marta M. 39. Professional photographer.

“Ester Vilajoana came into my life just when a personal crisis affecting all areas of my life had begun. Some friends asked me how I could overcome that crisis, because my situation was heading towards KO. The coaching process with Ester has played a critical role in my evolution. Ester has been my traveling companion who has helped me find the resources to give a new direction to my life.”

Ferran F. 44. Entrepreneur.

For confidentiality reasons, our private clients have preferred to give their testimonial without specifying surnames.

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