“We decided to start a coaching process for couples with Ester Vilajoana because somebody had recommended it and because we were also going through a difficult phase in our relationship. We did not know what we were going for, and the truth is that we were positively surprised and from the first session we saw that it could be helpful. Finally, everything we did completely exceeded our expectations and, as a result, we can now say that we have overcome the bumpy part successfully.

Thank you Ester for believing in us from the start as a couple with a future; for your contagious optimism and sense of humor, definitely the best fuel for the process; and for the coaching tools that you’ve shared with us, the other key to our success.”

Marta B. and Jordi F.

“What a good decision to get into the adventure of coaching with my partner!

In a few sessions with Ester Vilajoana we have turned our relationship around to remove the dullness and routine. It was a “shot” of positive energy, we have recovered the joy of being together, doing things that really fulfill us both, and we have certainly acquired some tools that can not only help us in our relationship with our partner but they will help us to improve our relationships in other areas.”

Lara M. and Pep L.

“The process of coaching for couples we’ve done with Ester Vilajoana can be summarized in three words: BIG POSITIVE IMPACT. It has strengthened the foundation of our relationship, which we had almost forgotten. It has been a breath of fresh air in our day-to-day life, a real pleasure. It has laid the foundations for a very encouraging future as a couple. We strongly recommend it for any couple that has already passed the stage of “initial infatuation” and want to really enjoy the next stages!”

Mary G. and David R.

“The coaching process for couples was the result of an “anniversary gift” from a sister who knew Ester Vilajoana. What a “gift”, we thought! But it turned out to be the best gift in the world for us, considering that we did not even think we were going through a “difficult time”.  We simply let ourselves be accompanied by Ester who from the first session on gave us a lot of confidence: we explored our values, and we set our goals for our family and for the two of us based on them, we set out a concrete plan of action to achieve them, and thanks to this, we are living a moment of fulfillment both for us as a couple and for the whole family.”

Gemma F. and Rubén D.

“Just about to get married and with a lot of friction in our daily lives which generated many doubts about our relationship, we decided to start coaching for couples on a recommendation. Surely, the best investment for our future happiness. Ester Vilajoana has guided us towards knowing ourselves better and to understanding why we had problems in our daily lives, we became aware of our strengths and areas for improvement, we learnt to think “as a team” but taking our personal goals into account at the same time, we challenged ourselves and set ourselves small goals to gradually reach a higher goal, etc… Our doubts about ourselves have been dispelled: now we  are clear about the way to go, and we have tools to overcome the obstacles that there may be along the way.”

Marga S. and Aleix M.

For confidentiality reasons, our private clients have preferred to give their testimonial without specifying surnames.

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