At BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS, at the end of any intervention with a group of parents we ask participants to evaluate our work, anonymously, in order to enhance the authenticity of their responses, and to collect valuable reviews that help us to keep improving and progressing.

Here are some of the comments of the participants at our workshops (done by people who explicitly allow us to publish their comments in the evaluation questionnaires):

“Ester Vilajoana and Núria Rodríguez conducted a training workshop in coaching for parents with teenage children from their second year at high school  (2nd ESO) until the end of high school. None of the participants was indifferent and families have become familiar with new tools to improve relationships with their children”.

Montse Victoria, DOP Coordinator at St. Paul’s School in Barcelona (published in St. Paul’s School Magazine February 2010).

“I think this kind of workshop should be done more often by the school. They are very useful to improve our relationships with our children and promote a harmonious environment at home. And I think that the tools can also be used in other areas of our lives.” (My overall rating of the workshop is 9.8 out of 10).

Participant at the workshops for high school students’ families at St. Peter’s School.

“I would stress that the workshop was very schematic and very close to our actual situations. I felt fully identified. “(My overall rating of the workshop is 9.2 out of 10).

Participant at the workshops for secondary school students’ families at St. Paul’s School.

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