BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS is a pioneer company in Spain in team coaching with school management boards.


To accompany the members of the School Management Board in strengthening their leadership and achieving their goals. And to help them build over time highly effective and sustainable teams, who are motivated and with a high level of commitment and pro-activity.

At BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS we draw up each project with the School Management Board based on the team’s specific needs.

Sometimes it can be just a specific action that can last one or two days, on which we work on topics such as (to name just a few):

  • Motivation in a difficult environment, which is based on reconnecting with the participants’ own values and their harmonization with daily actions.
  • Promoting the integration of new members and board veterans, by designing valid partnerships for joint work.
  • Improving communication in the School Management Board.
  • Empowering conflict resolution, both within and outside the School Management Board.
  • Setting challenging goals and developing plans for effective action to achieve them.

At other times, we can carry out a complete team coaching processAt BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS we work with the most innovative methodology, which is the result of our training with team coaching world leaders (Team Coaching International, Belbin, CRR Global-ORSC-, etc…).

For each Management Board, we carry out a custom-made intervention based on an accurate team diagnosis regarding its productivity and positivity (the two relevant dimensions to achieve excellence and a high level of performance). The team evaluation which is made with the best tool on the market, and which is carried out before and after the team coaching process, enables the school to measure, quantitatively and qualitatively, the result of our work. This is our major contribution in this area (there are very few licenses in Spain to use this tool for objective measurement) and what validates our team coaching and training processes.

With BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS, School Management Boards prepare themselves to take the leap forward in the best direction .


“I would highlight from the work done: The good general predisposition. The “introspection” that has been required.  The sincerity. Do something “differently” and very profitable. My overall rating of the workshop is 9 out of 10 (it would have improved if I had had more time, although I know it is very difficult)”.

Cultural Institution CIC Management Board member.

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