BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS is a pioneer company in Spain in coaching and training programs specially designed for teenagers and created and facilitated by specialized and qualified coaches to work with this age group at schools and also at an individual level.


The MAGIC! program is for high school teenagers (4th ESO onwards), it is based on group training using some coaching tools to encourage and help them gain in confidence and also to develop their ability to take charge of their own lives.

Specifically, the full MAGIC! program helps students to:

  • Increase their motivation, which is the drive for any initiative.
  • Achieve their goals and be more efficient, using a validated methodology to clearly define the objectives and design the most effective plan to achieve them.
  • Improve the effectiveness of their communication with others and also their assertiveness.
  • Reduce and / or resolve the conflicts in their environment (with family, teachers, friends,…).
  • Enhance empathy (with techniques designed for this purpose).
  • Manage their emotions.
  • Acquire tools to deal with stress.
  • Manage their time better with “time management” validated tools.
  • Increase their self-awareness (their strengths, values), which forms the basis for their self-esteem and is also the platform needed to make important decisions (what degree to study? what partner would be more appropriate for me?, etc…). Does it make sense to pretend that they are self-confident and independent teenagers who are able to take their own decisions when they are not very sure about what’s in their own “personal baggage” to face the challenges of life?
  • Encourage creative thinking and become aware of their limiting beliefs.

The full program called MAGIC! consists of five modules, which can be performed separately or together depending on the needs of each school.

Apart from offering MAGIC! to be worked at a group level, we also conduct individual coaching sessions for students when the school and / or family request them.

With BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS teenagers make progress and get ready to take the leap forward in the best direction.


“MAGIC is an innovative and interesting initiative.  Students do not generally have any of the capacities MAGIC proposes: Assertiveness, Conflict Resolution, etc., although these capacities are partly innate, students do not understand much about them. However, being able to do these workshops allows students to have this body of knowledge, which when applied, would positively differentiate them from others, and which, in such a competitive world, is much appreciated. Moreover, in any aspect of life, knowing how to express yourself without hurting others and knowing how to listen to others is essential to be able to understand them.”

1st year high school student at Oak House School.

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