In general terms, at BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS, at the end of any intervention with a group of teachers we ask participants to evaluate our work both quantitatively (exhaustively, for each of the objectives in the workshops) and qualitatively in an anonymous way to enhance the authenticity of their responses, in order to collect valuable reviews that help us to keep improving and progressing.

In quantitative terms:

  • The overall mean rating of the workshops with groups of teachers in schools has been 9 out of 10.
  • The average assessment for the facilitators of the BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS workshops  (because they “explain the topics clearly” and “enliven the sessions well”) is 9.5 to 9.8 out of 10. 

At  a qualitative level, here are some of the comments of the participants at our workshops (they come from people who explicitly allow us to publish their comments in the evaluation questionnaires):

“My overall assessment of the workshop is 10. I would stress that it really helps you to specify your goals, to evaluate and achieve them.”

Member of the teaching and tutorial staff from the Virolai School.

“From this workshop I would highlight its focus on practicality, the dynamism of the session and the individualized attention, a good sense of humor and the coaches’ support.”

Member of the teaching and tutorial staff at the Virolai School.

“There are many positive aspects that I could highlight from the Training Day with BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS: The facilitators’ conviction in believing and looking for tools to “improve the world” from our “real world” and how Ester and Núria believe in it. The clear explanation and the combination of practice reflection and theory. The positive, responsive and respectful attitude, which makes the group gradually open up to the workshops’ objectives.  Come on! Go on, because what you do is worth it, because helping other people to be who they are and to interact positively with their environment is a good mission.”

Member of the teaching staff at Montserrat School.

“From the day with Ester and Núria from BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS, I would highlight: the speakers’ clarity, they get the message across really well. You can see they know what they are talking about and they put what they explain into practice . Very good explanations and communication. Dynamism of the workshop and good content. Creative and meticulous (I loved  the “tools”).”

Member of the teaching staff at Montserrat School.

“The positive aspects that I would highlight are the BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS people’s enthusiasm (Ester’s and Núria’s). The language and the dynamics mean that that initial “fear” that can appear due to ignorance is truly overcome. The content facilitates credibility. Practical examples and the specific cases which are explained convince you of the positive results.”

Member of the teaching staff at Montserrat School.

This has made me reflect a lot as a teacher and as a person”.

Member of the teaching staff at ICC and participant in the ICCIC II Summer School.

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