BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS’ mission is to have a positive and sustainable impact over time on the people who work in the school environment: teenagers from high school onwards (4th ESO), who we encourage and motivate so that they can lead a fuller and more meaningful existence. They can also gain more self-confidence, and the ability to take charge of their own lives. Their families and their teachers, to whom we give tools to accompany teenagers in that moment of their lives. And the Management Board of the institution, who we also work with to strengthen their leadership and achieve their goals.

BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS is a pioneer company in Spain in coaching and training programs specially created for educational institutions. Since 2009, we have been working with a wide range of schools in Barcelona: schools sponsored by the local government, private and public; religious and secular; Catalan, trilingual, English. Our programs have proven to be equally suitable for all of them. And we can carry out our coaching in Spanish, Catalan, English, French and Italian.

At schools, BCN COACHING SOLUTIONS works with qualified professional coaches, with specializations in “Youth Impact Coaching” (coaching for teenagers and the educational community around them: parents and teachers) and in “Team Coaching”. Degrees obtained from the best Coaching schools worldwide  (The Coaches Training Institute – CTI, USA; The Coaching Academy – TCA, UK; Team Coaching International – TCI, USA). In addition our coaches are also mothers themselves and they have experience in both the academic and the business world.

The MAGIC! program for high school teenagers (4th ESO onwards), helps students to increase their motivation and initiative, to achieve their goals and be more efficient, to improve their ability  to communicate, to manage their emotions, etc…

In short, through group training by using coaching tools, MAGIC! encourages teenagers and helps them gain in confidence and develop the ability to take charge of their own lives. 

Training workshops in coaching tools aimed at helping teachers to increase their positive impact on the school and on their own private lives; to strengthen their motivation for teaching in a complex and challenging environment; to achieve their goals in and out of school.

Individual coaching processes for teachers when required.

Training workshops on coaching tools for teenagers’ families, aimed at helping them improve their level of satisfaction with their relationships with their sons / daughters and to increase their leadership in the family (and also outside, since most of the working tools are very useful for improving relationships at any level).

Team coaching and training to accompany the members of  the School Management board to strengthen their leadership and achieve their goals.

And to help them build highly effective, motivated, committed and proactive teams which can also be sustainable over time.


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